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  • The Sleep Training Chair Method: What You Need to Know

    Recently, a reader asked me for more ideas for gentle, tear-minimizing sleep training methods. Specifically, they wanted to know more about a particularly gentle and present style, so I did some research on the sleep training chair method. What is the chair method? The sleep training chair method is a gentle, no cry way to […]

  • Baby Wake Times: a Beginner’s Guide to Wake Windows by Age

    One day as I was chatting with other parents about sleep training, one mom asked me what the ideal baby wake times are by age. And because I didn’t have that committed to memory, I decided to do some research for an even more thorough answer. Starting with this: what are baby wake times? Most […]

  • No-Cry Sleep Training (a Complete Beginner’s Guide)

    When you’re looking at sleep training, the idea of all that crying may scare or even appall you. So how do you sleep train without any sobbing or tears? Is that even possible – or is it just a fanciful dream? No-cry sleep training uses attachment style parenting that focuses on teaching a baby to […]

  • What is Gentle Sleep Training (Everything You’ve Wondered)

    When you’re looking at gentle sleep training, what does that even mean? Is it a specific type of sleep training – or is it one of several flexible methodologies? And how do you use it to help your child sleep all night? Gentle sleep training is a group of safe, behavior-based sleep training methods that […]

  • The Beginner’s Guide to the Ferber Method of Sleep Training

    When we were looking at using the Ferber method for our kids, we wished there was a guide we could quickly refer to when we needed a reference. Here is everything we wish we’d had in a very thorough beginner’s guide to Ferberization. Designed by Dr. Richard Ferber, the Ferber method of sleep training uses […]

  • Cry it Out Sleep Training: a Complete Guide with Q&A

    When you’re looking through the various sleep methods, cry it out (also known as extinction) is a controversial but effective method. But even so, what’s the right way to do it? And what do you need to know to use it properly? Cry it out is a safe but controversial sleep training method that uses […]

  • How to Sleep Train Your Baby: a Complete and Helpful Guide

    When you’re researching sleep training, it’s easy to get confused – especially because every method touts its own “how-to” recipe for success. Based on extensive research and experience sleep training, here is how to sleep train your baby – a recipe for sleep training success that will work with any and every sleep training method. […]

  • Sleep Training for Naps: a Complete Guide (with Q&A)

    As we sleep trained each of our children, I quickly realized that sleep training at night is very different than sleep training for naps. So what do we need to know about sleep training at naptime? Let’s look at naptime sleep training – and some of the most commonly asked questions. Sleep training for naps […]

  • Sleep Training Routine: a Guide to Ditch Sleepless Nights

    Have you ever wondered if there were a better way to sleep train? Perhaps a routine that could make things easier? After extensive research and trying things with our kids, here’s what I’ve found. Having a sleep training routine makes sleep training easier, faster, and more likely to succeed. Sleep training routines can be as […]

  • Sleep Training Fading: 15 Things To Know and Do

    One night as I sat next to my little girl for a few minutes at bedtime, it hit me that we were in the middle of using sleep training fading – again. But what is sleep training fading – and how does it work? Fading is a gentle, behavior-based sleep training method designed to minimize […]

  • Sleep Training and Daycare: What You Need to Know and Do

    Sleep Training and Daycare: What You Need to Know and Do

    Juggling sleep training and daycare is something that many parents worry about. How can sleep training and daycare (whether starting or already attending) happen together successfully? Sleep training and daycare are not mutually exclusive. Sleep training while starting (or going to) daycare can happen as long as both the parents and the childcare provider are […]

  • Sleep Training and Going Back To Work: 25 Things to Know

    Going back to work after having a baby isn’t easy. Then you realize that this change in schedule may mess with all of your careful sleep training plans – and you wonder what you can do. Sleep training while going back to work can be managed with careful planning, support, and by being adaptable where […]