Sleep Regressions

Sleep Regressions and Going Back to Work:  10+ Tips to Help

By Sleep Training Kids

How will going back to work affect sleep regressions?

Sleep regressions after going back to work would be a huge change for the whole family.

Expect the first month to be difficult but by Preparing, planning, and practicing, it will make the transition shorter.

Factors and stressors from returning to work


Worrying about everything else while you're at work


Wondering if your baby will miss you


Needing the income to provide for your family


Questioning if and how going back to work will impact your baby

Tips To Minimize Sleep Regressions And Back-to-Work Stress

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1 Select a caregiver or daycare you trust

2 Plan feedings in advance

3 Plan pumping while at work

4 Be flexible on naps

5 Focus on quality time and happy reunions

6 Make your child's nap location transition easy

Limit some family routines during this time

Move each other's bedtime up by 30 minutes for a few weeks

Spend time with your baby

Take care of yourself and get enough exercise





Ways to help manage after-work exhaustion for both you and baby


If you can't adjust bedtimes by 30 minutes, here are some of the best ways to do that

Have your childcare provider put your child down for a late nap

Put your child down for a short nap when you get home

Let your child nap in the car

Weekend naps

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Will My Baby Miss Me When I Go Back to Work?

While babies will adjust to the new schedule while you're gone, they will miss you while you're at work. They will miss your sense of familiarity and spending time with you.

As long as your child is with someone you trust, your baby won't suffer because you went back to work. In fact, for some families, it actually resulted in a distinct advantage.

Do Babies Suffer When Mothers Return to Work?

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