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Naptime Comfort Items and Lovies for Children

Few moments of silence are truly golden, and extending them as long as we can is a must!

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That is why you want to look at these naptime comfort items – because if your kids are comfortable, they are going to nap a lot longer!

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To make sure that our kids are not unhappy, scared, or ever feel abandoned or alone.

We have listed some of the Best Naptime Items That Bring Kids Comfort



A Lovey

usually an animal of some sort attached to a small soft blanket


White Noise Machine


brings calm because it is reminiscent of the sounds that they hear in the womb.


Comforting and soothing songs, old and new to share during nap time is a must!


 Blackout Curtains


Zero sun curtains make a room soft, dark, extra cozy, and comfortable.

Have an age-appropriate storybook for your kid to look at and try to read before nap time



I hope that these comfort item ideas help you bring comfort to your kiddos and bless you with longer nap times and more me time for you!