Sleep Training Workbook: 30 Days to Sleeping Thru the Night

By Kimberly


Sleep training, while something that we all feel we ought to know, can be so overwhelming that we feel like we need help. Especially when you’re already exhausted from staying up with your new baby. Have you ever wished someone would show you what to do with sleep training already?

This free sleep training workbook is for any and every parent who’s ready to sleep again. It will walk you through each step of sleep training – including which methods to pick, how to customize them, and how to make sure it’s working at your own pace.

Ready to learn what’s in this workbook – and how you can get it for free?

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Is the Sleep Training Workbook for you?

The sleep training workbook is for any and every parent who’s ready to get a full night’s sleep – and ready to commit to sleep training. It’s for you if:

  • your child doesn’t sleep at all and you’re ready to sleep train
  • you’re ready to use a particular sleep training method
  • your child doesn’t nap well and you want to focus on that
  • you need a better way to make your sleep training stick

If you’re ready to sleep and you want some extra help, then this sleep workbook has your name all over it, friend.

What’s inside the sleep training workbook?

Inside the sleep training workbook is more than how to work a particular sleep training method – it’s how to use ANY sleep training method to get results.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose which sleep training method is right for your family
  • Plan out a fully customized sleep training plan, based on the method you chose
  • Implement your sleep plan so that it works
  • See which sleep training products actually work – and which countless other parents recommend (and why!)
  • Evaluate your plan to see what’s working, what’s not, and where you need to tweak things.

Basically, it’s like having a sleep training coach without having to pay the premiums. And because it’s a workbook, you can read it any time, any place, anyway you want. Or print it out – and take notes in the margins. It’s your workbook and your call.

When and where should I use the sleep training workbook?

The secret to the sleep training workbook is to use it. It’s designed to be read at your own pace. Each of the 30 steps has an actionable task to keep you moving forward to a full night’s sleep.

How does the sleep training workbook work?

The workbook was originally written as a 30-day sleep training challenge. It’s since been modified into a 30-step sleep training workbook. Each step has an explanation and an actionable task to help you conquer sleep training like a pro.

You can read it one step at a time (one step per day) or read all 30 steps in one sitting – and cherry-pick how you want to do things. There’s no wrong answer – other than skipping this free resource and continuing not to sleep. That’s not a great answer, though, so I don’t recommend it! 🙂

What I do recommend is snagging this free sleep training workbook – and all of the other free resources (available exclusively to newsletter subscribers) in the resource library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s make sure that you’ve got all of your sleep training workbook-related questions answered. Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions I’ve been asked by parents like you.

Oh, and if you don’t see your specific question (or answer), just shoot me an email. I’ll try to respond to as many emails as I can – and I’ll get your question added to this post. To find out how to email or contact me, click here.

Who wrote this sleep training workbook?

I did. I wrote it based on what we did – what worked, what didn’t, and how I used my nursing critical thinking skills to take any sleep training method and make it work – beyond just following the instructions blindly and wondering why they only sort of work.

So if you’ve liked any of my sleep advice or insights on this website, you’ll love this workbook.

Are there any guarantees with this book?

While I’d love to guarantee that reading this eBook will do amazing things for you, simply reading anything is powerless. Reading, after all, is a passive thing.

But doing? That’s where the power comes from.

So if you read this workbook and act on it? You’ll most likely see results – and you’ll see progress directly correlated to the effort you put into it.

Beyond that, I can make no guarantees because I’m not there to affect a change. So if you’re wondering if there’s some sort of magical 30-days-or-your-money-back guarantee, the answer is no, there’s not. Mostly because this is a free workbook exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. 🙂

So not only will you get access to this workbook, but you’ll also get access to our exclusive subscriber library. And you’ll also get the newsletter. That’s a lot of free resources to help you sleep train like a pro – and that’s almost better than any guarantee, am I right?

Does the workbook offer any support?

When this workbook was originally published in 2019, it did come with email support. That was back when this was a 30-day Sleep Training Challenge workbook offered on another site, though. Please note that it no longer comes with email support. Even so, it’s a great resource that we wanted you to have access to.

That being said, our email address is still published in the workbook. You are totally welcome to email us (or use our contact us page) whenever you want. We try to answer all emails – but can’t always guarantee a personal answer. However, we may be able to turn your question into a blog post – giving you somewhat personalized feedback (while keeping your information anonymous) that way.

How to Get the Sleep Training Workbook

Ready to get the sleep training workbook?

It’s free for newsletter subscribers via the subscribers’ exclusive library. Just use the form at the bottom of this page to subscribe and get free, immediate access to the whole library of worksheets, resources, and extras.

You can do this – you can get sleep again. You can feel like a normal person again. And you can join the hundreds of other parents who’ve taken those first steps back to a full night’s sleep by reading this actionable, task-oriented workbook now.

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