Best Behavioral Sleep Training Programs

Sometimes you need a specialized sleep training program to hold your hand through the process. Having a program can be especially helpful when you’re sleep-deprived. That way, you can focus on results instead of planning.

After researching and considering the various sleep training programs, I’ve decided to recommend two programs, based on quality, pricing, and the level of support desired. Both are top-quality and use solid, behavioral-based sleep training techniques: Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program (click here to let her know I recommended her) and the Taking Cara Babies Program (click here to let Cara know I sent you).

What to Look for in a Sleep Training Program

Obviously, you’re going to want a program that’s going to work – and does so in a way that’s safe, manageable, and has science backing it up. So as you’re looking at the various sleep training programs, watch for these factors:

  • Evidence-based results. Make sure your method of choice uses scientific data and research to guide its philosophy. These are the programs that will get results.
  • Behavioral-based methods. Pick a program that teaches you behavioral-based methodology. Not only will it help with sleep training, but it will also be the basis for improved parenting skills in general.
  • Pricing for your budget. Look, sleep training is important and sleep is vital. But for all the money I spent on sleep training books, I couldn’t bring myself to pay thousands of dollars for an in-home specialist.
  • Results. You’re going to want a proven program that gets results – and has plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Reviews. Not only do you want to see glowing testimonials, but you also want to see real reviews from both sides.
  • Support. You want a product and a program that offers some level of support. The amount of personalized support you get may depend on your budget and package. But basic customer support should always be included.
  • Availability and Flexibility. Pick a program that presents the material in your preferred manner. Some programs offer live training, but those are often limited to a specific location. Online programs are much more flexible.

Why I Picked the Taking Cara Babies and Sleep Sense Programs

Of all of the programs I reviewed, the two that stood head-and-shoulders above the rest were these two. They were pretty evenly matched in quality and content. They did differ in presentation, pricing, and personalization.

The Sleep Sense ProgramTaking Cara Babies
Sleep Training MethodGradual, behavior-basedGradual, behavior-based
Price: Lowest$29 (Basic)$179 (Package A)
Price: Middle$67 (Gold)$249 (Package B)
Price: Highest$129 (Platinum)$319 (Package C)
Personalized SupportThe platinum package includes personalized email support.Package B includes 1 40-minute phone call with a certified staff member.
Package C includes 2 40-minute phone calls.
Included Educational MaterialAll purchases include The Sleep Sense downloadable ebook (221 pages), a quick start guide, and a workbook.60-page reference booklet with all purchases.
Included Video MaterialAll levels include a video library. Gold and platinum level packages also include access to the Baby Sleep Bootcamp video recordings.A 90+ minute video course is included with every level.
Customer SupportDana’s team is super responsive by email. My questions were all answered in an amazing amount of time: it was fast.They are super responsive via email! I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my questions were answered.
Age-Based TrainingYup!Yup!
Other ProductsDana has a list of trusted sleep training specialists listed by area.Offers a separate ebook (no course) for babies up to 4 months old. Costs $34+
Live or Recorded?All videos are pre-recorded.Does offer a live online newborn class; all other videos and courses are pre-recorded.

Obviously, the higher-priced packages come with more personalized support. But by recommending both of these programs, there’s a top-quality program for every budget.

And being able to recommend something for every budget is important to me – because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, both women have an active presence across social media and are actively promoting quality, behavioral sleep training in every post I’ve seen.

So as you’re shopping around for the best sleep training program for your family, keep in mind the factors we discussed in this article.

Or make it easier on yourself and save the hours of research – pick one of these two amazing programs.

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