The Best Books For Sleep Training

When you’re trying to figure out how to sleep train, having a book to guide you can make a huge difference. Whether you buy them or see if your library has them to borrow, they’re something that will help you as long as you’ve got small children at home.

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Having several sleep training books on hand is great to give you confidence and more ideas. But if you only pick one sleep training book, my top pick is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth, M.D. (click here to see it on Amazon). This book is thorough, addresses studies, and is packed with examples and ideas that make sleep training doable.

Look, there’s a lot of sleep training books out there. While many of them offer great advice (and data to back up their methodology), some are more polarizing, with anecdotal evidence at best. So let’s save you some money and time reading through all of the books. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the best sleep training books you can pick.

The Top 3 Sleep Training Books:

Why I Picked Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

Healthy Sleep Habits, compared to the other books, offers the best sheer volume of information.

  • Healthy Sleep Habits has its own program but it also explains other commonly-used sleep training methods.
  • Dr. Weissbluth explains the science behind sleep as well as how it develops as children grow up.
  • Each age and stage of development is covered in detail.
  • Healthy Sleep Habits has an index, making searching for specific problems or sections even easier.
  • Of all the options, it’s the longest (by about 200 pages) and most comprehensive. It’s the best, all-in-one option.

So if you’re going to get one sleep training book, I’ve found that Healthy Sleep Habits is thorough and comprehensive. It covers the whole range of topics, making it the perfect book to have in your at-home library of parenting books.

Features to Look for in a Sleep Training Book:

As you’re researching which sleep training book to get, you’re going to want to consider these points.

  • How much background information do you want to learn?
  • More background information will make personalization and customization of your plan easier, but it does make learning slower.
  • How quickly do you need to see results?
  • A shorter, more-to-the-point plan will be easier to follow and implement if you’re severely sleep-deprived.
  • Is there an index or an easy way to search for the part you need to know?
  • Where is this available?
  • Can you check it out at the library first, or do you have to purchase it?
  • Do you prefer hardcopy books or ebooks?
  • Is this a course or an actual book?
  • Are there studies referenced or done on this particular sleep training method?
  • Has this book actually helped people?

Other Popular Sleep Training Books to Consider

Now, there are other popular sleep training books you may want to consider. Here are some of the factors that came in most helpful as I was looking for the best sleep training books.

Book TitleAvailable AtProsCons
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy ChildAmazon
Tons of information and data. Longest of all of the books.Length can be overwhelming.
The Sleep Sense ProgramAmazon, their websiteWalks you through a program that works fast.Not as much background given.
Happiest Baby on the BlockAmazonGreat information for sleep training babies.Not useful after a baby is 6 months.
On Becoming BabywiseAmazonGreat information and data.Fewer examples than other books.
Solve Your Child’s Sleep ProblemsAmazonLots of information and data.Last update was in 2006.
The Happy SleeperAmazonTeaches that children are born sleepers and that we need to stop getting in their way.Authors are licensed psychotherapists rather than pediatricians.
The Sleep Easy SolutionAmazonEasier to read, family-friendly guide that teaches sleep training methods.Authors are psychotherapists who sleep train for celebrities.
The Baby Sleep Site BooksOnly available on their website4 options to download for free that cover a wide range of topics.Requires subscription to their newsletter. Getting all 4 books means a lot of newsletters.
Taking Cara Babies Books/CoursesOnly available on her websiteComes as an interactive ebook/course full of great, age-based information.Is only available online.

About Sleep Training Books

Look, finding a great sleep training book can be a great way to get a better handle on how to manage sleep training better. But if you aren’t sure which to get? Go see what’s in your library first. Then, keep using this site as your reference.

You can do this.