Here’s Why Sleepsuits Are Good For Babies

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Babies seem to go through a crazy amount of clothes each day. Whether it’s due to spit-up, food smears, pee, poop explosions, or anything else, babies need to be changed an awful lot. Thankfully, there are a lot of baby clothing choices. But are sleepsuits a good idea for babies?

Sleepsuits are an easy way to keep babies warm, cool, comfortable, and covered while allowing plenty of room for movement and growth. Sleepsuits move and grow with babies, come in a variety of styles, and are a great clothing choice for babies.

Ready to read more about sleepsuits, including why they’re absolutely awesome? Okay – so I’m not personally a huge fan of the snap variety. But I love the zipper ones. In any case, read on – and let’s talk sleepsuits.

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Do Babies Need Sleepsuits?

While a baby doesn’t need to have a sleepsuit like they need to have a pediatrician, having sleepsuits can make life easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. There are a variety of sleepsuits, too, making them an easy choice no matter what the weather is.

Most sleepsuits have feet and arms that protect the baby from unfavorable weather conditions and keep them warm and cozy. That means you may not need loose and wearable blankets to aid the baby’s rest. This is especially important for babies who sleep in a crib – so that you don’t have to have loose blankets that could accidentally become a suffocation hazard.

Why Pick a Sleepsuit?

Sleepsuits can be a great choice for any, some, or all of the following reasons.

  • Cost-efficient: Sleepsuits come in all sizes, shapes, designs, and styles – to meet any and all budget needs. This is good for more than just your budget – babies grow fast, and you’re going to need to buy them a new size every few months.
  • Soft fabric: Most sleepsuits come in fleece or cotton. These materials are baby-friendly and are gentle on the infant’s light skin. They do not scrape or injure, so the baby is comfortable in them all day and/or night long.
  • Improve the baby’s safety: The sleepsuits come in various trendy designs and colors that make them attractive and beautiful for your baby. However, the designers of sleepsuits are careful not to include hazardous materials such as little buttons and sharp-edged designs. And so, with a sleepsuit, you can be sure of your baby’s safety
  • The sleepsuit’s functionality: A sleepsuit is an ideal wardrobe choice for a baby at any age. It is usable in all seasons and can even serve as an excellent choice for a day out. And because it is easy to wash and dry, a little stain isn’t a problem. It’ll usually come out in the wash. This comes in handy for babies that have started to crawl or walk.
  • Seasonal choices: A sleepsuit can come with comfortable feet or without. So, in cold seasons, you can choose a sleepsuit with feet, especially since socks always slip out and get missing, and in the hot summer season, you can go for sleepsuits without feet that improve your baby’s comfort.

Sleepsuits also come with zipper and snap options, meaning that you can pick the style that works for you. Both have their pros and cons.

Why Are Sleepsuits Good For Babies?

Sleepsuits are easy and practical. They hold the following benefits for your baby.

  • They keep your baby from exploring dirty diapers. Seriously. This reason alone is worth the price of a sleepsuit.
  • They help regulate temperature and improve the comfort of the baby.
  • They cover most of the body and hence, prevent scratches (especially when your baby begins to crawl).
  • A sleepsuit provides a cuddling sensation to your baby and leaves them secure without being overly bulky. A sleepsuit is a lightweight way to help soothe and provide a comfortable, safe sleep environment for your baby.
  • Sleepsuits are said to help to decrease some sleep movements that can wake your baby prematurely. This can help everyone get a better night’s sleep. This is based on anecdotal evidence, so know that your mileage may vary.
  • A sleepsuit is easy to wash. With the right sleepsuits, diaper change becomes a ton less stressful. I won’t go so far as to say it becomes fun.

Sleepsuits were probably my favorite go-to piece of clothing for my kids as babies.

How Many Sleepsuits Do You Need?

In general, you’ll want 8-10 sleepsuits in your baby’s current size if you do laundry once a week. You’ll also want to get 3-4 sleepsuits in the next size up as a backup. That way, when combined with your other baby clothes, you should have enough sleepsuits to get you through the week.

A baby usually goes through lots of cloth changes in one day, and it becomes stressful to determine the number of clothes and dress types to get. However, it is best to have sufficient sleepsuits for your baby, especially since newborns practically live in them for their first few months.

Sleepsuits are cute and come in many different colors and styles. You may be tempted to go overboard with your purchases. However, remember that babies grow fast, so it’s not wise to over-stock your baby’s cloth bag with sleepsuits that are their current size. Instead, buy a size up.

Pro tip: always carry 1-2 extra sets of clothes (make one of them a sleepsuit) in your diaper bag for clothing emergencies. If you tend to forget that they’re there, make sure you keep a size or two up – that way, you’re covered.

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An image of a newborn baby girl, sleeping and lying on sofa indoors at home.

When Do Baby Sleepsuits Need to Have Feet?

Sleepsuits should usually have feet any time there’s cool or cold weather, your baby has begun to walk, or for babies who have issues self-regulating their temperature. Most newborns will have issues with thermoregulation until they’re at least 3-4 months old, so sleep suits can be a perfect option for them.

But let’s be honest – they’re also perfect for a day at home when you don’t want to get everyone all dressed up. Just put a daytime sleepsuit on your baby – and they’re good to go.

What Are the Differences Between a Sleepsuit and a Babygrow?

A babygrow and a sleepsuit are essentially the same things. They are one-piece suits covering both arms and feet. It is pajama-like and may come with or without feet. Some babygrows have zippers, while others come with buttons and ties.

A babygrow or sleepsuit is already a full outfit and makes the perfect outfit for a day out! Talk to your pediatrician about any sleep problems that your baby may encounter, especially if you notice a deviation in sleep patterns.

If you want to read more about their subtle differences (and learn some cool American versus British English-isms), then make sure you read my post talking about the differences between babygrow and bodysuits.

Final Thoughts on Sleepsuits

Sleepsuits are probably my all-time favorite outfit for babies less than a year old. In fact, they were the main outfit my kids all wore until they were at least a year old. Unless it was a Sunday – then they wore a cute church outfit. But even after a year old? My kids still wore sleepsuits at night. They love their footie jammies! In fact, my oldest kids still wish they had sleepsuit-style pajamas in their size.

Pro tip: when your kids’ feet outgrow a sleepsuit, you can cut the feet off below the elastic. They won’t look as pristine, but the footless aspect will help your child wear them a little bit longer. Just make sure you don’t cut the feet off until you’re really sure about it.

In a nutshell, here’s why sleepsuits are good for babies: A sleepsuit provides warmth, comfort, and coziness for a baby. All that is essential for great sleep, and because a sleepsuit is a whole dress, it is also the outfit of choice for any baby regardless of age, gender, or season.

Oh, and remember how I prefer the zippers? That’s for a good reason. My kids were chubby little things – and I found that with chubby babies the zippers failed less often than the snaps did. Plus, zippered sleepsuits are great when your kids start learning to potty train – no matter what time of day it is.

We want parents to have the best baby-growing experience, and as such, we give the best parenting tips on sleep-training your kids. It’s a taxing transition from keeping late wakeful nights to getting your babies to sleep on their own. Yet, with the right tricks, you’ll find it more manageable. And we’re here to help you every step of the way – via a totally free newsletter.

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