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Sleep Training and Going Back To Work: 

Sleep Training and Going Back to Work is a Common Concern

And the fact that you’re looking for ideas and reading this shows that you’re trying to make sure that both you and your baby have a positive back-to-work experience  – even while sleep training.

Sleep training during the transition may take anywhere from 2-8 weeks.

How Long Sleep Training Usually Takes When  Going Back to Work

This timeline also covers both those who started practicing before going back to work – and those who chose to wait until actually going back to work to sleep train. 

Make sure that you pick a sleep training method that jives with both your parenting style – and your work schedule.

Pick a Sleep Training Method that Jives with Your Style

However, sometimes you need a sleep training method that promises quick results. In that kind of scenario, a controlled crying (with or without timed fading) may be your best bet.

Prepare for  Sleep Training Before  Going Back to Work

Set up the crib in the baby’s bedroom, if it isn’t already.

Temporarily move any older siblings into a separate room

Make sure any blackout blinds (if any) are properly installed.

Test the white noise machine to make sure it works

Make sure any lights, fans, or any other alarm clocks work.

Buy yourself a treat or do something to mentally prepare yourself.


Expect the First Month Back to Work to Be Difficult and Exhausting

If you can make some freezer meals beforehand, do it.

Don’t be afraid to get takeout when everything goes south.

Don’t take on any new projects during the first month.

Early bedtimes will be everyone’s best friend.

Wait to start any DIY or remodeling projects.






Here are some examples and advice I’ve gotten

(from research and talking to other parents):

It’s always important to make sure that your pediatrician is on board with sleep training.

Have Your Pediatrician on Speed Dial

Your pediatrician can give you important tips to keep sleep training  – while still making things easier.

It’s vital that you become your baby’s advocate in all things – and especially in regards to sleep.

Become Your Child’s Sleep Expert

You can also mix and match options if that’s more your style. In any case, you’re already on your way there just by reading this article.

Do it yourself - but have support.

Talk to other parents for ideas and insights.

Consider hiring a baby sleep consultant or coach to give you insights and ideas.

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