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Sleep Regressions and Daycare: What to Know and Do

Ever wonder if and how daycare affects Sleep Regressions?

While sleep regressions already occur outside daycare, they can also happen with daycare.  Anxiety and stress resulting from a new transition may cause some children to experience sleep regressions.

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How should parents deal with it?



Talk to your daycare provider, teacher, and even the director to find out exactly what their policies are when it comes to nap schedules.

seek advices from other parents' perspective


Don't be shy to ask others about techniques and some life hacks to make things work. Help your child to move through this phase swiftly.

understanding your baby's needs


It is very important to listen to what your child needs to fully understand where they are coming from. They will require extra love, comfort, and a lot of support while they go through sleep regressions.

here are some useful tips to prevent after-daycare exHaustion:

Earlier bedtimes for a few weeks.

Play and cuddle your kids before and after daycare.

Provide them with healthy snacks to have enough energy throughout the day.

Help them be prepared for the day.

Let children be children. Don't forget to pay attention to them when they come to you for help and support.