Sleep Regression With New Siblings:  Things to Know

By Sleep Training Kids

Sleep Regressions

This change in the family dynamic may only affect sleep for a few days and  several weeks to resolve.

A new sibling can either trigger or coincide with sleep regression. 


A New Sibling is a Huge Change that Impacts Sleep

If you brought home your second child, your older kid will never be an only child - ever again.

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This can trigger general anxiety or separation anxiety.

New Siblings Can Trigger Separation Anxiety

It can be hard for them to see why that is - they're just seeing that they're not getting the same attention that they're accustomed to.

Your Independent Toddler Wants to Assert Control

Your independent toddler will be in control of when and how well they sleep. There's not a whole lot you can do about that aspect of it. 

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Jealous Toddlers Won't Sleep Well


Children are going to see that the diaper-wearing, nursing (or bottle-fed), and crying baby gets all of the attention. So they may start mimicking the baby to get attention, too.

Help Your Toddler Adjust - with Preparation

Give your toddler a baby doll


Visit friends with babies


Talk to your toddler


Give them an age-appropriate job to help



Consistency Will Save Your Sanity

Here's the thing with sleep regressions: the best way to get through them is by being consistent in how you approach them.

So go ahead and pick what feels right for your situation and family - and then be consistent across the board.