Potty Training and Sleep Regressions: What To Know and Do


Potty training can cause sleep regressions during both daytime and nighttime sleeping due to increased awareness, anxiety, and delay tactics.

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Here are some factors that could be contributing to the sleep regression:

Potty training is an important life skill – and it can trigger sleep regressions.


Potty training may cause an anxiety-induced sleep regression.

Kids who potty train may experience sleep regression caused by separation anxiety.


Toddlers who are potty training may also be experiencing age-related sleep regression.


So let’s look at some of the most common ways that potty training impacts sleep.

01 The sensation of voiding (peeing or pooping)

02 The feeling of a full or dirty diaper

03 Kids’ bladders can’t hold it in for the duration

04 Increased effort to remember to use the potty

05 Your child learns that saying they need to pee gets attention

06 Deep sleep affects potty training efforts

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Potty training can affect sleep for more than a year. And that’s just for daytime potty training!

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Nighttime potty training, on the other hand, can affect sleep for several years. It’s going to depend on how deeply your child sleeps – and how they react to nighttime potty training.

Encourage a trip to the potty before bed.

Treat dry undies in the morning as a wonderful surprise.

Weigh the benefits of a hydrated child with the risk of a wet pull-up or bed.

Put a nightlight in the bathroom and have an assigned on-call parent for potty duty each night.

Watch your child’s behavior and let that help guide you to adjust nap and bedtimes.

Keep things sleep-friendly.







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Tips to Make Nighttime Potty Training Easier


When your kid calls for help, take the training potty in with you.


Potty training does take time and it can be a lot of hard work.

But when you let your child potty train on their schedule and you focus on helping them get good sleep, things do work out.

Even the sleep terrors will resolve. Just give it time.

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