Sleep Training FAQs

Is  Sleep  Training Necessary?

By Sleep Training Kids

Sleep training is not necessary, but it may help families with immediate sleep interruption problems.


Is your current sleeping situation working for your child?

In order to see if sleep training is something that your family needs, ask yourself the following 2 questions:

Is your current sleep situation working for you?


how you know if sleep training is required, based on these answers:

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"No" to both questions, then sleep training isn't required

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"Yes" to either questions 1 or 2, then sleep training may be considered

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"Yes" to both questions 1 and 2, then sleep training may be required

If you still aren't sure that sleep training would be essential, ask yourself these follow-up questions:

Why isn't the current sleep situation working?

What are you willing to invest to change sleep situation?

What does the sleeping situation need to look like?

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When  Sleep Training  May Be Necessary

For children with chronic sleep trouble, sleep training may do more than just help fix immediate sleep interruption issues.

When Sleep Training Isn't Required

Studies and child development experts both agree: that sleep training under 4 months of age is not required nor recommended.

When Sleep Training Goes From Necessary to Problematic

Sleep training can go from a necessary tool to a problematic one when good-intentioned parents begin doing too much.