Is It OK to Let a  1-Year-Old Cry It Out?

By Sleep Training Kids

Based on talking to hundreds and thousands of parents, there is a significant percentage of us who have had to rely on cry-it-out (sometimes abbreviated as CIO) to get our children on a healthier sleeping pattern.

Letting a  1-Year-Old  Cry it Out is OK


6 basic steps for Cry-It-Out Sleep Training methods:

- Do your bedtime routine with your child – Put your child to bed – Let your child self-settle – Check-in on your child at pre-determined intervals – Comfort your child


Babies will cry for 1-2 hours on first night of CIO sleep training. 

Night 1: crying for 1-2 hrs

Night 2: cries for 30 min

Night 4: cries for 45 min

Night 3: cries for an hour

Night 5: cries for 20 min

Solid advices when some babies cry for no known reason:

Make sure your baby is in a safe place and has their needs met


Put them down & walk away – & let them cry

Let your child cry in another room than hold them & lose your temper.

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Your child vomits after crying

There’s a diaper incident

Your child is an escape artist

If extinction sleep training isn’t working, you’re going to know it.

Your baby won’t stop crying

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Most common reasons why cry-it-out won’t work with a 1-year-old.

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You can’t handle it

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Studies show that short-term, cry-it-out style sleep training is safe.

It can cause a temporary increase in cortisol,  those stress hormone levels go down once sleep training is done.

See what’s going on right before they start crying.

02 If there is crying every night, your child is probably exhausted

03 if your child is crying at dinner time, they might just don’t like the food

01 If your child is straining, it’s probably the poopy diaper