Do You Feed Baby When  Sleep Training? (Plus 11 Tips)

By Sleep Training Kids

Have you ever wondered if you needed to feed  your child during  sleep training?

Keep reading  for  tips  and  things to know  when  considering feeding  and  sleep training!


– Your baby is at least 5-6 months old. – The baby weighs at least 13-15 pounds (about 6 kilograms). – Your child gets all of their nutritional needs met during the day (especially total calories). – And your child’s doctor has given their seal of approval.

If your baby is physically capable of going all night without eating, it’s your decision if you want to continue nighttime feeds. 

How to know if your baby can go all night without a nighttime feed:

Most babies aren’t going to be able to quit nighttime feeds cold turkey. They will need to wean over a period of days, weeks, or months.

– Babies have tiny tummies. They need frequent feeds to get enough calories to grow! – Getting adequate nutritional and caloric intake during the day is a lot of work for babies, even once they start solid foods. – Babies like eating at night because it means more cuddle time with you.


You Can Wean While Sleep Training

– Nighttime weaning is very different than daytime weaning – and should be done separately. – Nighttime weaning may trigger sleep regressions.  – Think about using dream feedings to ease weaning while sleep training. – Weaning while sleep training is much easier if done slowly.


Use Dream Feeding (or Sleep Feeding) to Your Advantage

Sleep feeding is a parent-initiated feed (bottle or breastfed) that starts when the baby is still asleep. Your baby will probably wake up a little bit, but the immediate feed should help them doze right back off to sleep. Once the baby has finished eating, put them back to bed.

Here’s what that means:


Not all sleep training methods encourage nighttime feeding. However, any sleep training method can be personalized and adjusted to fit your family’s sleep goals.

Sleep Training Method

Nighttime Feeding Recommendations

Graduated Extinction

Up to the parents’ discretion.

Bedtime Fading

Parents decide on feeding frequency at night.

Controlled Comforting

Recommends feeds on demand.

Stressing About Feeding Baby During Sleep Training Will Backfire!

Either way, it’s important to take a step back. Remember your plan. Trust that it will work. And if need be, do some deep breathing to keep the stress under control.


So if you’re worried that nighttime feeds will become a problem,  they will.