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  • How are Sleep Associations and Sleep Training Related?

    As I began to mentally prepare myself for another round of sleep training (this time with child #4), I started wondering what sleep associations my daughter would need to deal with this time. How are sleep associations and sleep training related? Behavioral-based sleep training is an effective and safe way to break negative sleep associations […]

  • Quitting Sleep Training: How and When You Should

    Quitting Sleep Training: How and When You Should

    As I listen to my baby scream after telling her goodnight, I wonder (for the millionth time) if I should quit trying to sleep train. Should you quit sleep training? How do you know if you should? Are there times when quitting is recommended? If sleep training is becoming too stressful, problematic, or does not […]

  • Do Pediatricians Recommend Sleep Training?

    Do Pediatricians Recommend Sleep Training?

    When I was considering sleep training each of my kids, I discussed it with their pediatrician first. With each child, I wanted to know – was sleep training pediatrician recommended? Pediatricians recommend behavioral-based sleep training for families with significant sleep disruption, provided the baby is at least 4-6 months of age. In other words, talking […]

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  • Is Sleep Training Necessary?

    Is Sleep Training Necessary?

    When my baby had trouble falling and staying asleep all night, I wondered – will I need to sleep train my child? Is sleep training really necessary for children? Or am I just stuck never getting to sleep again? Sleep training is not necessary, but it may help families with immediate sleep interruption problems. For […]

  • Sleep Training: Safe and Okay OR Cruel and Traumatizing?

    Sleep Training: Safe and Okay OR Cruel and Traumatizing?

    A commonly asked question about sleep training is this: is it safe and okay to sleep train? Or is it cruel, risky, traumatizing, and just plain bad? In other words, is sleep training safe or not? Sleep training, when done correctly, is completely safe and is a great short-term tool to help families get better […]

  • 6 Sample Sleep Schedules for Sleep Training

    6 Sample Sleep Schedules for Sleep Training

    Would it be pretty safe to say that every parent’s favorite time is bedtime? Probably so, right? Although maybe “any time the kids are asleep” ranks pretty high up… sleeping kids are just amazingly adorable to watch, no matter what they did before they fell asleep. Okay, *almost* no matter what. In any case, getting […]

  • 30-Day Sleep Training Challenge

    30-Day Sleep Training Challenge

    When you’re in the middle of sleep training, it’s nice to have extra support and guidance. Like in the form of a workbook that’s totally free to download. The 30-Day Sleep Training Challenge is a free, downloadable PDF workbook exclusively for Sleep Training Kids Newsletter subscribers. This workbook will help you go through sleep training […]