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  • Is Sleep Training Necessary?

    Is Sleep Training Necessary?

    When my baby had trouble falling and staying asleep all night, I wondered – will I need to sleep train my child? Is sleep training really necessary for children? Or am I just stuck never getting to sleep again? Sleep training is not necessary, but it may help families with immediate sleep interruption problems. For […]

  • When Do Sleep Regressions Happen?

    When Do Sleep Regressions Happen?

    When my oldest boy experienced his first major sleep regression, it made me wonder – is this a one-time thing or will it happen again? Is there a way to predict if this will happen again? When do sleep regressions even happen? Sleep regressions most commonly occur in tandem with major developmental milestones. The most […]

  • Scientific Evidence: Are Sleep Regressions Real?

    A commonly-asked question about sleep regressions is this: are they a real thing, or are they a made-up thing? Because what I experienced sure feels real. So let’s ask (and answer) our question: are sleep regressions real? While sleep regression is not a diagnosable condition or a real medical term, it incorporates aspects of two […]

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  • Sleep Training: Safe and Okay OR Cruel and Traumatizing?

    Sleep Training: Safe and Okay OR Cruel and Traumatizing?

    A commonly asked question about sleep training is this: is it safe and okay to sleep train? Or is it cruel, risky, traumatizing, and just plain bad? In other words, is sleep training safe or not? Sleep training, when done correctly, is completely safe and is a great short-term tool to help families get better […]